Dawes, Zoo, and Zanesville….

Kind of a hodgepodge of different photos taken over the last few days.

The first two photos are from a walk around Dawes Arboretum.  The cabin is used to make maple syrup the old fashion way during the months of February and March.  As you can see, they’ve got their wood ready to go.  My wife and I were lucky enough to meet a grounds keeper that allowed us a peek inside the cabin.  Unfortunately, it was so dark that I couldn’t get any photos…..but it was kinda cool none-the-less.

This photo was taken at the Columbus Zoo.  This guy (or maybe gal) just happened to be napping right up next to the viewing window.  He (or she) gave me a quick glance as if to say “please just let me sleep”.  After taking a quick photo, I did just that :)

The next two photos are from my hometown, Zanesville Ohio.  The courthouse located in downtown and the world famous (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) y-bridge (taken from Putnam Hill Park).

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