Downtown Columbus Ohio

I took a trip to downtown Columbus today in search of some local interests to shoot.  Considering that it was overcast with a chance of rain lingering in the forecast, I decided to try to shoot the inside of the Ohio Statehouse.  Unfortunately, I quickly found out that I would need to submit an application and pay $50 to shoot inside of the Statehouse…..maybe I’ll make the investment when I have a little more time because it really is a very cool place (I’d never been inside before today).

With my sudden change of plans, I decided to hit the streets and see what I could find before my parking meter would run out.  The weather was very overcast so the lighting wasn’t great for the vast majority of the time.  Fortunately, just as I was finishing up my walk, the clouds broke a little allowing for some nice lighting on the Statehouse before jumping back in my truck.  With the clouds parting a bit, I decided to try the Area District.  After finding a place to park, I managed to grab a few photos of Huntington Park before the sky had completely returned to a dingy gray.

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