Oct 31 2010


A beautiful young gal who is a senior in high school this year.  We had a fairly impromptu shoot at a local park.  Thankfully, there was still some Autumn colors and leaves left on the trees.

The next photo is my brother and sitster-in-law with the super cute Sophia.  I took the family portrait and overlaid 3 candids of Dad with baby.  I think this photo may go on my wall somewhere

Oct 26 2010

Little Ones….

I was honored to photograph 3 separate families this past weekend.  The first was a very cute little gal, Kylee.  She was a little shy to start with but she warmed up nicely.

Next, my beautiful niece, Sophia.  As always, she was cute as a button and did her part to create some super cute photos…..I only wish we had more time because I could photograph her for hours. This pic is Sophia and Daddy….for some reason, I just find it beyond adorable :)

Finally, we’ve got Caden.  He’s an extremely cute 1 year old boy.  And like a young boy, he’s ready to explore the world and doesn’t want to be held back……gotta be on the go.  He has a particular affection for sticks, dirt and leaves.

Oct 17 2010


Took a drive down to Vinton County to visit Moonville (an Ohio ghost town).  The most prominent feature that remains of this old town is the railroad tunnel and the cemetery.  I didn’t see any ghosts but had a nice time hiking around and taking some photos.  It was a beautiful Fall day although the trees seem a bit lackluster this year….probably due to the dry weather.

This last photo is a portrait of my Dad next to the Scioto River

Oct 14 2010

Dawes, Zoo, and Zanesville….

Kind of a hodgepodge of different photos taken over the last few days.

The first two photos are from a walk around Dawes Arboretum.  The cabin is used to make maple syrup the old fashion way during the months of February and March.  As you can see, they’ve got their wood ready to go.  My wife and I were lucky enough to meet a grounds keeper that allowed us a peek inside the cabin.  Unfortunately, it was so dark that I couldn’t get any photos…..but it was kinda cool none-the-less.

This photo was taken at the Columbus Zoo.  This guy (or maybe gal) just happened to be napping right up next to the viewing window.  He (or she) gave me a quick glance as if to say “please just let me sleep”.  After taking a quick photo, I did just that :)

The next two photos are from my hometown, Zanesville Ohio.  The courthouse located in downtown and the world famous (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) y-bridge (taken from Putnam Hill Park).

Oct 5 2010

Downtown Columbus Ohio

I took a trip to downtown Columbus today in search of some local interests to shoot.  Considering that it was overcast with a chance of rain lingering in the forecast, I decided to try to shoot the inside of the Ohio Statehouse.  Unfortunately, I quickly found out that I would need to submit an application and pay $50 to shoot inside of the Statehouse…..maybe I’ll make the investment when I have a little more time because it really is a very cool place (I’d never been inside before today).

With my sudden change of plans, I decided to hit the streets and see what I could find before my parking meter would run out.  The weather was very overcast so the lighting wasn’t great for the vast majority of the time.  Fortunately, just as I was finishing up my walk, the clouds broke a little allowing for some nice lighting on the Statehouse before jumping back in my truck.  With the clouds parting a bit, I decided to try the Area District.  After finding a place to park, I managed to grab a few photos of Huntington Park before the sky had completely returned to a dingy gray.