Dec 27 2009

Kim and Family….

These are some photos from a session from this afternoon.  Thank for having us over for your family photos….I had a great time!



Dec 23 2009


I did a photoshoot with Melissa a little over a week ago.  We were going for a “natural and fun” look.  I really like the effect we got with the jumping shot and the head shot I’m posting was another one of my favorites.  We did the shoot at my warehouse studio which just happens to be a little chilly this time of year :)



Dec 13 2009

Lazy rainy day….

Today was a good day :)   While I had things to get done, nothing really needed my immediate attention.  I worked on some photos from a recent shoot for a few hours and then decided to head out in an attempt to create more photos.  The weather was dreary, rainy, gray and a bit cold….typical winter stuff.  Still, I headed out to see what I could find with my two dogs tagging along.  I couldn’t decide whether to  head out into nature or hit the city streets….At the last minute, I decided the mud and water would be too much hassle with the dogs so I hit downtown Columbus.  I drove over to the Topiary Garden (a place that I’ve never been) and found a place to park.  It seems like it would be a beautiful place if winter hadn’t already taken its toll on things.  All of the flowers had died off and the trees had lost their leaves…not to mention the gray sky.  Attempting to create new images here was going to be a challenge at best….but I had expected that given the time of year.  I just spent some time walking about the area in the garden and the adjacent streets.  I managed to capture a few images that I felt were worthy enough to hold on to.

The first is nothing more than a pair of mailboxes standing proud in the cold rain.  If nothing else, they added a nice splash of color to an otherwise gray day.


The next photo was the fence surrounding the Topiary Garden.


This photos was a small bush harboring a bunch of water droplets like hundreds of tiny parasites.


Then there was this lonely bench.  I’m sure it has seen plenty of use in warmer times but today it sat all alone.


And finally, the lock and gate that stood guard over the visitor’s center.