Sep 27 2009


Did a photo shoot with James, a local model here in Columbus.  At first, it looked as if the rain could ruin things but it dried up just in time.






Sep 25 2009

Late Autumn Water….

I was going back through some photos and ran accross this one that I took last year.  It was taken at Burr Oak in November, just before all of the leaves had come off the trees with a very light fog over the water.  Until now, I had forgotten about it.  I’m glad that I ran accross it because I really like this photo.

autumn water

Sep 13 2009


Did a shoot today with Freddy at Franklin Park.  We had a good time and got some cool photos.  I really need to practice shooting guys more often….it’s just that guys that want to work in front of the camera are more difficult to come by than gals.  I certainly hope to work with Freddy again in the future. 





Sep 6 2009

Just wanted to post a few recent photos….

This is Alli, an absolutely wonderful gal to work with…We did these at Franklin Park, one of my favorite places to shoot during decent weather.  We also had some help from Caroline, a make up artist…of course, she did the make up.  If you or anyone else is looking for a make up artist for a wedding, prom, photo shoot, whatever….please let me know.  She did an awesome job.


Alli4.jpg  alli6.jpg Alli