Mar 31 2009

Meet Haly….

This is Haly…we braved cold temps and high winds to get these photos :)   Hopefully the weather will co-operate a bit better next time.  As always, click the photo to see a larger version.  Lets get started!

Haly1.jpg Haly2.jpg Haly3.jpg Haly4.jpg Haly5.jpg Haly8.jpg Haly7.jpg Haly9.jpg Haly10.jpg Haly6.jpg Haly11.jpg

Mar 17 2009

Meet Anna….

This is Anna, a wonderful gal that I had the opportunity to photograph on Sunday.  As I’m editing the photos, I’ll post a few of my favorites here.  As always, click on the photo for a larger version :)

Anna1.jpg Anna2.jpg Anna3.jpg Anna4.jpg Anna8.jpg Anna7.jpg Anna6.jpg Anna5.jpg Anna9.jpg anna10.jpg

I really like the close up photo with you looking over your glasses although I think I may go b/w with it because the glasses are casting a bit of a color cast on your face.  In fact, I’ll do both, color and b/w. 

I’m finished editing all of the photos.  I’ll let you know when you can view them online and get a CD sent to you. 

Mar 10 2009

Meet Jess….

I had a wonderful time shooting wih Jess on Sunday!  I’ll try something a little new with this shoot.  As I’m in the process of editing the images, I’ll post a few of my favorites up.  Since I’m doing this throughout the process, I may decide to make changes to a photo I’ve posted up, so you may see photos come and go or change.  So….lets get started!  As always, click on the photo for a larger version.

J1.jpg J2.jpg J3.jpg J4.jpg J5.jpg J6.jpg J7.jpg J8.jpg J9.jpg J10.jpg J11.jpg J12.jpg J13.jpg

 I’m finished editing all photos.  I’ll e-mail you with your online gallery once I get it up.  Thanks Jessica!!


Mar 6 2009

Meet Lindsey….

A wonderful gal I photographed last Tuesday.  I certainly hope to work with her again!  Click for a larger version.

Lind4.jpg Lind2.jpg Lind1.jpg Lind5.jpg