Oct 14 2008

Old Church and Outhouse….

Went out driving around Ohio today to enjoy the wonderful Fall colors.  I happened accross this old church along with the outhouse.  From the looks of things, neither have been used for a long time but I put them to work today as my subject.

church.jpg outhouse.jpg

Oct 12 2008

October Camping….

Just got back from a camping trip for the last few days.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the Autumn colors were popping out more and more each day.  My wife and I had a great time….hiking the woods by day and settling in for a warm camp fire as the sun went down.  For food, we made Smores, roasted hot dogs, grilled up camp breakfast…..just all ’round good stuff.  At night we fell asleep to the last crickets and bugs of the season, owls hooting and coyotes howling in the distance….what an awesome time.   

The first picture is an early morning shot of our home away from home.  The sun was just coming up and hitting the tops of the trees.  Bridgitte was stilled huddled in the tent under her electric blanket (yeah, an electric blanket….she doesn’t do cold too well :) )


The next photos are just some fall colors.  Everything was just so awesome…if you ever get the chance to do some fall time camping, you won’t regret it.

camp3.jpg camp2.jpg camp4.jpg camp1.jpg

Oct 6 2008

Family Photos and Two Two Year Olds….

I did some photos for my sisters family and in-laws yesterday.  We had two, two year old girls to work with and I doubt there’s anything much more difficult when it comes to photography (well maybe three, two year olds but anyone to consider that would have to be borderline insane ;) )  I did manage to get a few nice photos and wanted to share a couple of my favorites.  The first is the my sister, husband and two daughters.  I think is my absolute favorite.


The second is obviously my sister and brother-in-law.  Great looking couple :)


The last is the three girls.  Two sisters on the right and cousin on the left.  The two on the ends are both of the two year olds.  Both in one picture, apppearing at least somewhat happy and looking in the general direction of the camera…..this may be a photography first ;)


Oct 1 2008

Blackhand Gorge….

Took a trip to Blackhand Gorge yesterday and did a bit of exploring.  It was a beautiful day and I managed to get a few nice photos.  The first is whats left over from an old lock from the Erie Canal.  The Second is obviously a tunnel but I’m not sure what it was built for.  The third photo is a portion of the gorge from the river.  As always, click for a larger picture.

blackhand101b.jpg blackhandtunnel101.jpg blackhand101.jpg