Sep 25 2008

End of Summer

Summer ’08 has officially come to a close and now we enter into the Fall season….one of my favorites.  Pumpkin pie, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Weiner Roasts, crisp mornings….what’s not to love.  Here’s a few photos saying farewell to summer and hello to fall….

YD1V1491.jpg YD1V1508.jpg YD1V1511.jpg

Sep 22 2008

Bridgitte with long hair…

Just wanted to post a quick pic taken of my wife back when she had long hair.  Since I’ve known her, she has gone from long to short hair and back again ;)   Right now, she’s in the short hair stage….just thought I would show the contrast to her and those that know her.


Sep 11 2008

The faces of AT&T….

This is a new series that I’m starting and I thought I  would post it here for people to be able to easily see the progress of my photos if they wish.  The goal of this series is to mainly capture my fellow AT&T techs doing what we do from day to day.  The collection of these photos will be available for viewing by clicking the link on the upper right of the page. 

Sep 9 2008

Sharing a few pics….

Today, Luke and I headed up to Alum Creek bright and early.  The weather didn’t co-operate at first and we ended up getting drenched in a downpour.  Lukily the weather cleared up quite nicely after a bit and we were able to dry out and look for some photo ops.  This first pic is Luke after a few hours on the water.  If only there was a way I could teach him to row ;)


This second pic was probably my best of the day.  It was a little sandpiper that allowed me close enough for a pic.


This final pic is an extreme close-up of the center of a sunflower.  The bug is actually very tiny.  If you look hard enough, you’ll see that there are some even smaller bugs around the larger one.  I’m guessing these are the offspring of the larger bug.  I didn’t notice the smaller bugs until looking at the photo on my computer.


Sep 3 2008

An Interesting Concept for an Interesting Photo…