Aug 26 2008

Going to the dogs….

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure to “dog sit” a mini Australian Shepherd named Patch.  I couldn’t resist at least a couple photos of such a good looking dog ;)

patch1.jpg  patch2.jpg

Aug 20 2008

Delaware State Park

Over the last couple of days, I visited Delaware State Park a couple of times.  It turned out to be a great place for wildlife viewing.  Not only did I get some pics of the Osprey, I also spotted a Bald Eagle along with a variety of other birds and animals.  Definately a place to go back to.  Here’s a few of my pics….the first two are of an Osprey as he was fishing.  I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I posted both of them.  The second is a Green Heron and the last is the sunset as my wife and I were leaving.  Click for a larger view :)

 osprey1.jpg osprey2.jpg green heron1.jpg sunset1.jpg


Aug 12 2008

A Trip to the Wilds….

Yesterday, I took my niece and mom to the Wilds.  I’ll start with a few cute pics of my niece, Allison.

alley1.jpg  alley3.jpg  alley2.jpg  alley4.jpg

 Here’s a few of the animals…

 bison.jpg  deer1.jpg  rhino1.jpg

…and now, the real excitement.  As the tour was coming to an end, we came accross these deer fighting.  They were serious, not even letting a pond stop the battle.  They hit the water and just kept at it.  As we pulled away, they were still at it so I can’t declare a winner.  Click on any image for a larger version!

fight1.jpg  fight2.jpg  fight3.jpg  fight4.jpg  fight5.jpg  fight6.jpg

Aug 11 2008

How about some cats?

Cats have got to be one of the most difficult animals to photograph well.  They do their own thing and don’t really co-operate well with the photographer.  Still, I’ve managed to capture a few nice photos.  These two cats belong to my Dad, Missy and Sammy.  Both were rescued from Cat Welfare in Columbus OH and now live a very cush life ;)  

missy1.jpg  sammy2.jpg


Aug 10 2008

Checking back in with a few photos….

I’m back :)   I hope you are having a great summer!  It’s been a while since I’ve shared some pics so I wanted to post up a few.  I’ll start with a lovely photo of my wife…..This was an improptu pic while out on an anniversary motorcycle ride.  We had stopped at Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio for a short walk. 


The next two photos are both ruins of sorts.  The first is an old abandon building I happened to run accross….I’m not sure what it was used for.  The second is whats left of an old pay phone.  I liked the way the early morning sun was casting a shadow and but mostly I wanted to capture the disappearance of an icon.  Remember when payphones used to be everywhere?  They are quickly being taken over by the cell phone industry.  I guess in 10 years, we’ll be trying to explain to our kids what a pay phone was ;)

ruin1.jpg  icon.jpg

The last two are of a bird that seemed to be posing for me while on a trip to the zoo and some flowers I found at Highbanks Metro Park.

zoobird.jpg  flowers.jpg

 I’m on vacation this coming week and getting ready to hit the Muskingum county fair later today.  Over the next few days, I should have some great photo ops I’ll post up here.