More Nature…

I’ve really been enjoying nature photography lately.  There is so much beauty in nature that we pass by everyday but fail to see.  We are all too used to big, loud and “in your face” but nature just isn’t that way.  Nature is subtle, it’s a spectatular beauty that one must slow down to actually realize.  If you’re loud and in a rush, you’ll miss it altogether.  Try as I may, I’m sure for every sight and sound I pick up, there are a hundred others I pass by and miss.  To really enjoy nature, one must shift gears, slow down and really look and listen.  The woods move at a slower much more cautious pace….certainly nothing like we’re used to in modern life.  Here are some photos from a recent outing.

Fire Pink.jpg  shroom.jpg  deer2.jpg  holed tree.jpg  yellow flowers.jpg

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