May 24 2008

Is there anything cuter than a puppy?

My Mom just adopted this new beautiful girl a few days ago.  As you may know, I’m a huge dog lover and when it comes to puppies….well, they are the pinnacle of cute.  Of course, I had my camera in hand on adoption day and grabbed a few photos (although the puppy wasn’t very co-operative).  Click to see a larger version :)

b004.jpg  b007.jpg  b003.jpg  b001.jpg

May 17 2008

The Big Splash

Well, my small vacation from AT&T is over and what better way to end it than with a big splash…..thanks to my wife, Bridgitte.  This pic was taken at Black Hand Gorge as she crossed a creek running accross the walkway.  We had a great time, spending some quality time out in nature and with each other.

the big splash.jpg

I also took a small trip to Old Man’s Cave.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place to visit located right here in Ohio.  Here’s a few photos I captured from there.

bridge51708.jpg falls351708.jpg falls151708.jpg flowers51708.jpg falls251708.jpg


May 11 2008

More Nature…

I’ve really been enjoying nature photography lately.  There is so much beauty in nature that we pass by everyday but fail to see.  We are all too used to big, loud and “in your face” but nature just isn’t that way.  Nature is subtle, it’s a spectatular beauty that one must slow down to actually realize.  If you’re loud and in a rush, you’ll miss it altogether.  Try as I may, I’m sure for every sight and sound I pick up, there are a hundred others I pass by and miss.  To really enjoy nature, one must shift gears, slow down and really look and listen.  The woods move at a slower much more cautious pace….certainly nothing like we’re used to in modern life.  Here are some photos from a recent outing.

Fire Pink.jpg  shroom.jpg  deer2.jpg  holed tree.jpg  yellow flowers.jpg

May 8 2008

The Beauty of Nature…

Walking off into the woods with a camera in hand and my wife and dog at my side is one of my favorite joys in life.  In the woods, there are no clocks or deadlines, no daily grind, no signs, traffic lights or instructions….just the peace that can only be found in nature. There is so much beauty and wonder that I never cease to be amazed.  The past few days, I’ve been lucky enough to have time to do just this.  I wanted to share a few of the photos that I’ve captured during that time.  Click on the photo for a larger version.

rock.jpg pond.jpg fungus.jpg snake1.jpg flowers.jpg creek.jpg bluebells.jpg americanredstart.jpg deer1.jpg