Apr 29 2008

Columbus Zoo…

I had a nice day at the zoo today, just walking around and photographing any animal that wanted to co-operate.  Tuesday afternoon seems to be a great time to go since most kids are in school and many parents are working.  Anyways, I got a number of nice photos of some of the animals.  Since I had more photos than I usually post on here, I put them in a photo gallery to make things easier.  Please feel free to have a look by clicking>>>> www.secondglimpse.com/zoo42908  Thanks for stopping by :)

Apr 14 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Well it looks like Spring has finally sprung here in Ohio!  I’m so happy to have winter pretty much behind us and three wonderful seasons to look forward to.  I just wanted to share some of my “Spring” pictures that I’ve gathered over the past few days.  Enjoy!…and as always, click for a larger version.

YD1V9709.jpg YD1V9708.jpg YD1V9704.jpg _MG_5442.jpg _MG_5440.jpg _MG_5438.jpg _MG_5433.jpg _MG_5430.jpg _MG_5428.jpg _MG_5427.jpg _MG_5425.jpg _MG_5424.jpg