Mar 28 2008

A few Easter pics….

Just wanted to update my blog to show off a few pics I got of my beautiful neices on Easter.  Click for a larger version.

hm1.jpg  hm2.jpg  hm3.jpg  hm4.jpg

Mar 15 2008

What a difference a week makes…

Last week at this time, we were buried in snow.  Now only a few patches are left here and there.  Just thought I would share a few pics I took over the last week.

buried.jpg  workin.jpg  Oliver1.jpg

Mar 3 2008

Are you lookin’ at me?

Wanted to share this picture of a hawk I was lucky enough to catch.  This bird photography is actually quite addicting…very challenging and rewarding when you get the pic.  Click for the bigger pic of course :)