Checking in…

Just wanted to update my blog to let everyone know I’m still kickin’.  I’ve got a few personal photo projects I’m currently working on that I should be able to share over the next few weeks.  As far as photo sessions…well, things have been pretty slow.  That’s to be expected though for this time of year.  That said…if you or your family would like to book a photo session…let me know.  During this slow season I’ll offer anyone in the Columbus area a free session along with one free 8×10 of your choice…no obligations.  That said, here’s a picture from today….the day was quite nice but still chilly.  I thought this picture offered a nice contrast on the season.  The bench overlooking the small pond has a very “spring” or “summer” feel but the lack of people enjoying the outdoors and naked trees in the background reveal that things must not be quite as nice as they seem.



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