Finally Friday!

Well, I can actually have something to cheer about on Friday!  I not only have the weekend off but also Monday (I am usually working Saturdays for AT&T :( ).  I’ll be able to get away from the phone company for a few days and concentrate on my photography.  It’s been a pretty uneventful week but hopefully I can shake things up a bit this weekend.  I will hopefully be doing some engagement photos for my brother in law and his fiance and I was thinking about taking a trip to Franklin Park Conservatory.  If you’ve never been, Franklin Park Conservatory is an absolutely beautiful place to visit year ’round, especially if you like photography.  The actual conservatory is an indoor garden showcasing many beautiful plants along with various insects and a few birds, not to mention the special exhibits they display through the year.  The cost for admission is very affordable…I think it runs about $6.00 per person.  Definatly a place every Ohio native should pay a visit.  I should hopefully have some new pics to share over the next couple of days but for now, here’s a couple from a previous visit.



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