Thank you for inquiring about my photography services for your upcoming wedding.  I would
like to mention a few of the "behind the scene" items that I offer.  The things that are important
but easily overlooked or not thought about when choosing a photographer.  Whomever you
choose to photograph your wedding, you should ask them about these things and determine
just how important they are to you.  There's only one chance to capture a wedding day and a
small glitch can cause some photographers to "go offline" if they aren't properly prepared.  
While a failure is rare, they do happen from time to time.

-Back-up equipment: I have back ups of all of my equipment so an equipment failure will not
bring the photographs on your special day to a grinding halt.  Should a camera, lens or lighting
set-up fail, I keep back-ups close at hand so I can carry on without a hitch.  During the
ceremony, I carry two camera set ups to be absolutely sure that I can capture the most
important moments.

-Shooting to dual memory cards: The vast majority of photographers now shoot digitally and
I'm no exception.  The downside is that if a memory card fails, you've just lost all of your photos
on that card.  I use Canon equipment capable of recording your images on two separate cards
simultaneously.  If one card fails, there's a back-up card available.

-Stored back-ups after your wedding:  At no time will I ever have less than two complete
copies of your wedding images.  I back up all of my images to multiple hard drives and to an
off site service.  A computer failure on my end will not result in the loss of your wedding
photos.  I keep all wedding photographs on hand for a minimum of 3 years.

While there's no way to absolutely guarantee that images won't be lost through equipment
failures or accidents, I take every reasonable precaution to make sure that doesn't ever
happen.  I never want to be in a position where I have to tell someone that the photos of their
wedding day have been lost.
By Jason Allen
Behind the Scenes:  What you should consider
when hiring your wedding photographer
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