My name is Jason and I'm a photographer serving the
Central and Southeastern Ohio area. This page will
explain more about what I offer and what to expect when
you hire my services.  Please don't hesitate to contact
me with any additional questions or concerns.

Jason Allen
614-374-0190 or 740-297-6575
Studio located at 35 E. Gay St. in Columbus Ohio (by
appointment only)

My main focus is on providing an outstanding photographic service to
families, youth sports and special events.  Your satisfaction is my
guarantee.  If you are not happy with the outcome, just notify me within 24
hours of the proofs posting and I'll offer a complete refund*

Some specific services I offer:

Weddings and Special Events:
There is no better way to memorialize the most important days of your
life than through photographs.  My goal is to provide you with the
absolute best in service and quality when it comes to capturing your most
special moments.  Please visit my
wedding page for additional
information on how I can offer you a service that is second to none.

Outdoor and Studio Family Sessions:
This is one of my favorite offerings.  Year 'round, we can set up in studio
or at some of the most beautiful locations Ohio has to offer.  Together,
we can create stunning family photographs that you'll be proud to display
as a center piece on your wall.  After your session, your photos will be
available in your own personal gallery where you can view, share and
order them.  Depending on the size of your family and desired package,
expect the photo session to last anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Time for senior photos?  I offer a unique take on senior photos with
several different packages.  I want your senior photos to be as unique as
you are.  This may mean setting up at your home, school, an urban scene
or maybe a more natural setting.
After your session, your photos will be available in your own personal
online gallery with the ability to share with family and friends.  All of my
packages also include a low resolution download of all of the final proofs
for sharing on social networking sites and e-mail.

Toddlers and babies in your home:
I'm available for indoor sessions for babies and toddlers.  A small open
space to set up is usually all that's needed for a small child.  This can
usually be done in your home living room with minimal disturbance.  By
having your young child photographed in your home, the chances of
getting great results are much more likely.  The child is more relaxed and
usually more willing to crack a smile or two.  We can also schedule your
session at the best time for your child.  Unlike other studios, your session
will not be rushed.  I like to create an atmosphere where your child is
comfortable, playful and able to relax....never stressed.  When I arrive at
your home, it will take me about 20-30 minutes to set up lighting,
backdrops and props.  After set up, the actual photo session usually
takes between 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the child) with
another 15 minutes to tear down.  Your proofs will be available in a
personal online photo gallery within several days.

Our pets are just like members of the family. So why not display a
beautiful photo or two of them on the wall right alongside the rest of the
family?  I offer Photo sessions for cats and dogs alike, either inside or
outside, depending on what you desire.  I have the ability to set up a
small "pet studio" in your home for smaller animals or we can hit a local
park for beautiful outdoor scenery.  After your session, your pet's photos
will be available in your own personal online gallery within several days.

Architecture and Real Estate:
If you’re trying to sell a home or property, the photographs are going to
be one of your most important tools to getting potential buyers to your
location.  The photographs are what create that first impression and poor
photos can cause potential buyers to scan right past your property listing
without a second thought.  On the other hand, well crafted photographs
will capture attention and show your property in its best light.  This will put
more potential buyers at your door which, in turn, often results in a faster
sale at the price you want.  A small investment in high quality
photographs of your property can yield huge results.

Youth Sports:
I've created a page dedicated to youth sports.  Please visit it here for
additional information.

*Refunds will only be offered if I'm notified within the first 24 hours of
posting your photo gallery.  Refunds will not be offered if any order for
prints has been placed.  If a refund is given, all photos from the session
will be destroyed.  No orders will be allowed.  Because of this, your
download of low resolution images will not be offered until after the initial
24 hour period of the gallery posting.  If you have not notified me within
24 hours of your galleries posting of your refund request, all sales are
considered final.